Ljubljana to Istanbul in 20 Hours

So the time has finally arrived. We took off in Ljubljana at around 19:00, local time and first stopped before the croatian border to fill up the car with petrol. We then went through croatia without a stop and passed on into Serbia. The passport and customs control were all a bit cynic about our destination (we told them Istanbul) but we passed on without any problems.

The journey through Serbia was smooth apart from the part around Belgrade where the road is a bit bumpy. We had our first biggest stop around 2am. After that only 3 of us carried on without sleep, Peter the driver who drove non stop from 19h until 7am, Miha and myself. The time flied fast with some classics from The Doors and Pink Floyd.

Peter cleaning the windscreen

Early in the morning we crossed the border into Bulgaria where we filled up the tank once more and were then also repayed for our determination to stay awake with a beautiful sunrise. Our energy soon started to fade away as the road around Sofia got bumpier and bumpier so Peter handed over the steering wheel to Nejc. The sun was getting stronger and stronger and the smell of sweat in the car got worse :).

After some time the sun became a bit annoying

We then batteled over the Bulgarian roads and suddenly we found ourselves in Turkey. We were astonished about how clean the surrounding were and all the appartment buildings were new and the fields were green and full of life.
We then came into the chaotic traffic of Istanbul but with the help of our GPS we managed to find the hostel in no time. We checked in about 20hours after we departed Ljubljana.

We relaxed for a couple of hours and then went into search of a nice and cheap place to eat, which we finally found. I had some delicious meatballs and lentil soup for 10 turkish lira and the “chef” even gave as free tea and cologne (yep perfumed cologne water! 🙂 )

So right now i’m enjoying a well deserved beer at a rooftop bar of our hostel. I need some sleep, i havent had any from thursday morning.

rooftop view

More to follow


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