“Hello my friend”

So we had some well deserved sleep, it was awesome.

After breakfast we started off with some must-do sightseeing, first we went to the blue mosque where the waiting line was long but luckily moving fast. So after removing our shoes and flip flops we’ve set our foot on the “holy carpet” and indulged in the amazing artwork and architecture of the interior.

Me, Marko, Nejc and Peter inside the blue mosque

We’ve then moved on into the grand bazaar where we enjoyed a couple of hours of haggling and shopping, once we got the hold of it the time just flied and the small-talk with the sellers became more and more relaxed and fun.

Walking the streets around the bazaar

Just before lunch we’ve split into two groups, me and Peter almost jumped into the first kebab shop we saw and the lamb durum was delicious. The best part was the guy who prepared the food, he was full of jokes and pranks what made the meal even more enjoyable.

The master chef just after he “rented” Peters sunglasses.

Later in the evening we met up back at the rooftop bar of our hostel and decided to go out with some other people from the hostel. After a quick dinner we’ve started off with some beers and then decided to introduce the other people with “Šnops” which Nejc recieved as a gift from a friend back in Ljubljana. Šnops worked its wonders and became an immediate hit. We visited a couple of clubs, talked with passing by taxi drivers and most of all had fun. Our discovery of the evening were definitely steamed mussels with rice which are sold on the streets and spiced up with some lemon.

Miha waiting for the next round

We then hired a taxi for 15TL which took us to our hostel. The driver was a Galatasaray supporter who had great fun with us. Good night with some obligatory pre-sleep youtube.

We woke up with a need of a cold cold shower and a greasy kebab. And we got delicious meal at a nice kebab shop about 10 minutes from the hostel. We had “sac kavurna”, “menemen” and tavuk kebabs. We all drank a cup of ayran and our stomach was back to its best.

Sac kavurna, ayran and happy faces

We then went to a place me and Peter discovered yesterday where they sold out of date football jersey fakes for 5TL, it was a good deal as were some new sunglasses for 10TL and boxers for 5TL.

We then visited the spice market which was really crowded so we decided to go for a drink. The tea was good, the coffee was really strong and the chairs were confortable.
After-coffee reflection
After we decided to go over the Galata bridge and walked up the main street. We walked for a long time and our feet almost fell off but on the other hand we had some amazing street food: turkish ice cream, borek, belik ekmek (fish sandwich). We really enjoyed almost every bite so we are all hyped up for our next meal to find out if it’s as good as the ones before.
The “belik ekmek” master

For the way back we decided to take the tram and it was a wise idea as there is quite some way uphill and our feet were on the border of proper function. The tram was really full so the ride wasn’t the most enjoyable but at least there was air-condition.

View from Galata bridge

We are now once again at the rooftop, chilling after watching the end of the Wimbledon finals and drinking some beer. We’ll probably have a laid-back night as we need to wake up early and depart towards the north of Turkey, the road is waiting.

Ps: thanks to all the readers we had a new visit record (138) 🙂


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